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2 Mar

Sometimes, you have to start a new blog.

Balloons and all.

A day to be extra thankful.

22 Nov

I try my hardest to make sure that I’m incredibly thankful and grateful for the hand I’ve been dealt every day of the year, but I suppose today is the day to really take serious notice of how fortunate and lucky I am.

Right now, I’m sitting in my jim jams on the couch, watching Kit play Borderlands 2. I just purchased Portal and Portal 2 from the Steam store for a very reasonable price of $6.24, so I’m waiting for those to download. I’ve got a mug of Pepsi and a stack of wonderful books sitting right next to me, and I have zero obligations to be anywhere or do anything. In a couple of hours we’ll put our little turkey in the oven, whip up some soft, buttery mashed potatoes and some creamy green bean casserole, and pop open a bottle of sparkling grape juice (don’t laugh–that stuff is delicious!).

Yes, yes. There’s a lot to be thankful for. Today I’m extra thankful that I get to spend this family holiday wrapped up in my Thor and Loki blanket, gnome pajama pants, all cuddled with my kitties. Tonight after dinner, we’ll watch a movie. Probably A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You know, the one with Christian Bale. I’ve never seen it before.

We won’t be participating in Black Friday sales. We’ve done all of our Christmas shopping, and it just seems so incredibly odd and materialistic to rush out and buy stuff and unneeded things on a day when you’re supposed to be thankful for everything that you’ve got. Tomorrow, instead of heading to a big box store or to the mall, we’ll start off with a walk along the beautiful greenway in our city, grab some lunch, and go see the movie Cloud Atlas.

I hope everyone reading this is having a fantastic day, and that you have a warm, wonderful day filled with delicious food and delightful company. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Starting tomorrow, we’ll be gearing up for the next holiday, but enjoy turkey day while it’s here.

Tomorrow, let’s get ready for Christmas in Hobbiton!


Song of the Day: Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys

21 Nov

I see what you’re doing.

20 Nov

I know what you guys are searching for. Taylor Lautner’s ab’s are really bringin’ ‘em in.

We laid under the Misty Mountains cold

19 Nov

Sometimes I fall absolutely, completely in love with a song. This is one of them.

The Hobbit is a very, very important book to me. It’s in my stack of lost loves to re-read, so there will definitely be more on that later.

A new challenge.

19 Nov

I used to read all the time. I loved it. I didn’t have to pick up a book, but that’s pretty much what you found me doing most of the time.

I don’t do it much anymore, which is incredibly, unbelievably sad, given how much I used to. So, I’m going to pick it up again! I’m going to try and get through one book a week. Who knows, I may be able get through more. It’s an incredibly busy point in the semester, but that’s no excuse. If I have time to watch Jenna Marbles and My Drunk Kitchen videos or browse Reddit endlessly, I have time to pick up a book.

Here’s how it’s going to work. Fun books. By fun, I mean anything that I want to read for the sake of reading, not something assigned for a class or something I need to read in order to get background for my thesis/comprehensive exams. Some I won’t have read before. Some will be great loves that I’ve put aside for too long without rereading (I’m looking at you, Tolkien!). It doesn’t matter all that much what I’m reading, the whole point of this is to just read. A lot. At the end of every month, I’ll be posting a photo of my stack of finished books, and I’ll tell you a little bit about them. 

Just as an fyi…I’ve already finished one–The Dark Phoenix Saga! Yes, I’m counting graphic novels. 

So Say We All.

1 Nov

You know that time.

It’s that time in the semester when you’re so incredibly stressed, overwhelmed, and totally clueless as to how you’ll get everything done. At this particular moment in time, it’s all feeling really impossible.

Here’s what I have to get done in the next 6 weeks:

  • Get poster of research made
  • Travel to a conference and present the research that I’ve put on that poster
  • Lead discussion for Law and Society class
  • Presentation in Advanced Quantitative Methods class
  • Write up literature review for thesis
  • Finish transforming, weighting, and performing diagnostics on my data
  • Actually analyze data
  • Write two research papers
  • Tutor student athletes several times a week

And that doesn’t even count the weekly readings, write-ups, and methods homework I’ll have to do on top of that.

I’m ready to be done.

So, so ready to be done.

Once this semester is over, I’m gonna do my happy dance.


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